Josh and Brittany-Family Photos


Another beautiful portrait session to update with! Josh and Brittany’s family were so fun to shoot. We traipsed around Watkin’s Mill State Park and had a blast. Can you believe those cute little boots?!? Can someone please fine me a pair? ha ha

Thanks again Josh and Brittany!

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Isaac and Sarah-Family Portraits

Hello all, I’m sorry I’ve been so off the grid for soooo long. I have so many sessions to catch up with so many of the great people who I had the pleasure of shooting these last few months!

To begin is a lovely family that have been allowing me to capture their growing family from the beginning! Here are just a few of the fun shots we got!

_MG_5525 _MG_5539 _MG_5638 _MG_5698 _MG_5752 _MG_5789This last one cracks me up so much! Sarah wanted a truly candid photo that gave a glimpse into the true joys (and struggles) of motherhood. I think we got just about that ha ha! Love you guys!

Fall times

I suppose I am getting old. I used to fully dislike the idea of fall. Fall means winter. Winter means snow. Snow means COLD. But I don’t fully dislike it any more. In fact it is growing on me. The other day when the air was cool, and the wind was blowing a few leaves about on the ground all I could think of was the smell of cinnamon and apples filling the house. So homemade apple sauce it was.

Fall….bring it : )

Dakota & Tiffany-Cameron, MO Wedding

This last December I had the privilege of shooting a wedding for Aaron’s cousin in Cameron, MO. Dakota and Tiffany are a really sweet couple and it was a great opportunity to get to know them better. One thing is very clear…they are in love! Thanks again for letting Aaron and I be a part of your wedding day!

Jeff and Cara-Kansas City Wedding

At some point last semester one of my professors approached me with the question “would you like a job?” Of course any college student loves those words so I was eager to hear the details. It turned out that one of his greatest friends was getting married and was in need of a photographer! I really hesitated knowing that the wedding date was going to arrive about the time my last semester in college got insane, but my instincts told me experience and opportunity aren’t always easy to be found.

As the date got closer I suddenly realized that this couple had agreed to have me photograph their wedding with only a quick glimpse of my work online and faith in my professors recommendation. They hadn’t even met me! I started to get nervous, realizing that these people must be really amazing to have so much confidence in me right off the bat. But the best part is that kind of confidence really makes you want to do your very best.

The day arrived and I could not wait to meet this couple. I didn’t even know what to expect. When I entered the church I noticed how lovely and bright it was, and then I saw Cara. She looked like the kind of bride straight out of a wedding magazine. Not only was she gorgeous but incredibly welcoming and sweet, making Charlene (my awesome assistant for the day) and I feel totally at ease and excited about what was to come.

The craziest part was when they told me that they had planned the whole wedding in FIVE WEEKS! You would never have guessed it, it was beautiful. If someone told me I had to plan my wedding in five weeks you better believe the atmosphere of the day would not be stress free. I’m pretty sure you would see me pulling my hair out! Amazingly enough it was the most relaxed and stress free wedding I have been to yet.

And that is Jeff and Cara.

The most beautiful part of the day was the undeniable love that surrounded Jeff and Cara. The love their families and friends have for them, the love they have for the people around them and most clearly, the love they have for each other. It was an honor to be a part of a day like that. I can safely say that these people will always be a couple I am thankful to have met.

W&L-Assignment 5-Individual Portrait of a Man

I have a special attachment to this photoshoot 😉

honestly I might be making some poster size prints of some of these…ha ha ha. (Ok Aaron, stop shaking your head 😉



Please check out the rest on my Flickr SLIDESHOW


Wedding&Location-Assignment 4-Group

For my wedding and location class we were asked to do a shoot with groups of people to get more practice in organizing groups. This is not an easy job. Especially the bigger the group is (and the more little ones you are working with)! This is a shoot I did at a family reunion with lots of great folks and beautiful smiles! Thanks again guys for letting me record your time together!

Check out the rest of the family reunion shoot on my flickr Slideshow!