Chris and Mary-Family Portraits


What a cute little family! I might be biased though since these are my in-laws! It was a lovely day for sure. I was so pleased that they let me take their portraits and Aaron definitely did his job getting his nephew to give me some darn-cute smiles! Thanks again Chris, Mary and Hayden!

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Josh and Brittany-Family Photos


Another beautiful portrait session to update with! Josh and Brittany’s family were so fun to shoot. We traipsed around Watkin’s Mill State Park and had a blast. Can you believe those cute little boots?!? Can someone please fine me a pair? ha ha

Thanks again Josh and Brittany!

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Isaac and Sarah-Family Portraits

Hello all, I’m sorry I’ve been so off the grid for soooo long. I have so many sessions to catch up with so many of the great people who I had the pleasure of shooting these last few months!

To begin is a lovely family that have been allowing me to capture their growing family from the beginning! Here are just a few of the fun shots we got!

_MG_5525 _MG_5539 _MG_5638 _MG_5698 _MG_5752 _MG_5789This last one cracks me up so much! Sarah wanted a truly candid photo that gave a glimpse into the true joys (and struggles) of motherhood. I think we got just about that ha ha! Love you guys!

Fall times

I suppose I am getting old. I used to fully dislike the idea of fall. Fall means winter. Winter means snow. Snow means COLD. But I don’t fully dislike it any more. In fact it is growing on me. The other day when the air was cool, and the wind was blowing a few leaves about on the ground all I could think of was the smell of cinnamon and apples filling the house. So homemade apple sauce it was.

Fall….bring it : )


This… Trinity. She is an amazing little girl, and so very very cute. I have to be honest…sometimes it’s hard to do photography…but when you get to tell a story like this it makes it all worthwhile. Trinity was diagnosed shortly after birth with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS) . The following photographs are only the start of her journey and I cannot wait to see how this little girl continues to grow and develop into the fearfully and wonderfully made girl that God formed her to be. Although her little life has not been easy, I think I can safely say (and I think her family would agree),  her life is truly a gift. Isaac and Sarah, we are so proud of all you do for your kids! You are truly great parents!!

a couple of weeks after her birth (still in the hospital), waiting for her first surgery date to come….

she has the best momma

   Post surgery-with pins (look at that cute new jaw!!)

Nursery Rhyme Shower


It’s hard to believe that just around the corner will be the birth-day of my newest little cousin! This last weekend their family threw a beautiful and fun little shower for the parents to be and I got to snap just a few quick shots of the decor! Can’t wait to meet the little one! Congrats David and Laura!



Well…it’s August. Everyone is getting ready to return to school and though I should be joyously excited that I won’t have any homework to face, I can’t help feel a little sad. I’ve found myself walking through the aisles of school supplies and wishing I was picking out a new backpack or a sweet new notebook. Who knew one minute you’d be rejoicing over the end of something and the next you’d be mourning it. Silly adulthood.

Anyway, it’s been a busy summer with getting married and all ; ). I had such a great (albeit stressful) experience with the whole planning thing…I don’t regret it one bit. We had a lovely day and a lovely honeymoon. I was so blessed to have such an awesome group of people helping me make it happen. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to show you some images. More than anything I LOVE being married. I know everyone gets married and shouts from the rooftops that they have “the best” husband/wife and everyone nice for them that they think that…but I truly know that God did pick the very best husband He could have FOR ME (and yes ok…I think probably in the whole world too 😉 ). Aaron is all mine now and I couldn’t be more humbled, blessed and grateful to have married such an amazing man. Despite the fact that being “a wife” makes me feel like I sound way too old I wouldn’t go back and change it for anything!

So back to summer. It’s been so hot that the normal draw to the great outdoors has been very much reduced. So what else is there to do in Kansas City other then shopping or movies? Stay home and bake!